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Botwin Eye Group

Our doctors, and caring staff, are highly qualified to give you the best medical eye assessment available. We take pride in using leading-edge technology during your eye examination.  We provide medically oriented eye examinations with the most current diagnostic equipment and utilize evidence-based medical research to help preserve your vision for a lifetime. We utilize Marco computerized refraction systems. They are fast, accurate and eliminate the stress associated with the refraction portion of a comprehensive eye exam. Our goal is to make the eye exam experience as comprehensive and hassle free as possible.

We carry that standard all the way through the patient experience. We use iPad tablets in the waiting room for patient registration as well as an online portal to expedite the registration process.  This translates into more quality time spent with our doctors instead of time in the waiting room filling out paperwork.  Appointments are confirmed and reminders are sent via email, text messages, as well as phone calls.

Our patients are treated in a space that is modern, relaxing, and comfortable. We encourage you to enjoy the art collections on exhibit at both locations.

Services we provide at both Santa Fe locations

  • Comprehensive adult and pediatric eye exams.
  • Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting and Problem solving
  • Medical Management/Treatment of eye disease and trauma
  • Dry Eye Diagnosis, Counseling, and Treatment Options
  • Allergy Eye Diagnosis, Counseling, and Treatment
  • Diabetic eye exams and Management
  • Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Treatment options for children with Vision Related Learning Problems
  • Lasik Refractive Surgery Consultation and Management


We accept a wide variety of medical insurances and vision plans. Our friendly, caring and experienced staff understands the challenges caused by confusing insurance plans and are happy to assist you in determining the amount of coverage you have and the best use of your benefits.

Languages spoken by our staff

English, Spanish, French, Russian, Maldovan

Call for an appointment!

Our optometrists are available at both locations for eye exams and all your eye care needs. While there, visit the selection of luxury eyeglasses, sunglasses and frames from Oculus, our optical shop.

Our two locations are accessible and convenient to downtown Santa Fe or the Hospital.

Walk-ins are welcome when scheduling permits.

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